Chat won't reference an original file

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When we are using Chat, we can't reference an original file.  We are able to reference when using Channels, but not in Chat.  It ends up creating multiple copies.  Is there feature going to be added to Chats in the future?

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When you share a file in a private chat it is not the same as sharing a file in a channel conversation. Files shared in private chats are stored in your own OneDrive account and given sharing priveledges to the person you shared it with. Files shared in a channel conversation are stored in the attached SharePoint site collection for everyone in the team to see. What about trying to add a link to the file instead of sharing it? Not sure if this answered your question or not.
Hi Sharon, if your files are stored in OneDrive that you want to share then when using attach icon make sure to use OneDrive and not from local computer, if you use from local computer it will upload a copy into "Microsoft Teams Chat Files" folder in your one drive, duplicating the file. If you use OneDrive (assuming you can) it will share the file in place where it's stored in your OneDrive not duplicating the file.

if the file is from another location in SharePoint etc. you can as Matthew suggestion get a Sharing link from the location it's at and paste that into your conversation.

Hi Chris,  Our problem is it only let's you share from your personal OneDrive and not Sharepoint like we can in channels.  We have to go out and create a link from Sharepoint, which is not an easy process.  When we are in Teams we can choose "Browse Teams and Channels", compared to Chat which doesn't give that option.  Is this something that will be added in the future to Chat?  Thank you!! Sharon JohnsonScreen Shot 2018-12-12 at 11.24.53 AM.pngScreen Shot 2018-12-12 at 11.24.34 AM.png

That's actually a good idea IMO, having that button on chats, and having it work similar to chat where when using that method would automatically "Share" with the specific person in the chat so you keep a single source of truth and keep from having to go to the SharePoint site to Share.

In the future when the Teams Files tab turns into SharePoint it will be easily to just go click Share from Teams UI and copy link, but I do like the idea of the Browse Teams and channel.

Put up a uservoice for it if there isn't one! I'd vote on that!
Thank Chris! I will do that! Appreciate your feedback. :)
Thank you Matthew. We have created a link in the past, but were hoping to have a easier way like in Teams. I'll suggest it as Chris said. Appreciate your feedback.

This is work in progress. We will address this issue and make it consistent across Chat and Channels. Tentative date - end of Q1 (March 2019)

@HemantKumar  So, it is the last day in October 2019 and it does not look like this has happened.  Any word?