Can we get the snooper for reading Teams client logs

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In a past we have been very very happy when we have been able to read the Skype logs using the Snooper tool and doing deeper troubleshooting for example to the handshake on clients e.g. the candidate lists, etc..


Today Teams' is hiding all the data into logs which are not readable format for admin (Media Logs). When it would be possible for admin to read those logs as well?

As Microsoft also see money first, there is a Business case for you: When we are able to perform the basic troubleshooting at first, we do not need to bother your valuable time for the basic troubleshooting steps. Your support seems to be overloaded already in these days, so with this possibility we could drop the workload on your shoulders. So this would be win-win case to both of us.

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Hi there - this is a great idea but there's no work being planned on this at this moment unfortunately.

Hi @Petri X   Why don't you check to see if there's a Uservoice item already submitted on this topic (there are a couple but I don't think they're what you're asking about).  If not, feel free to enter a new one.


I have done a proposal for this, but User Voice is waste of time in case like this. I never can get enough votes as this is only for administrators who do troubleshooting. This is nothing normal end users are waiting and wishing. So this should come from Microsoft willing.

@Sam Cosby 

But think about money...

And I believe the tool your people are using is just an converter.


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