Can Live Event producers & presenters talk privately?

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Is there any way for the producers & presenters to be able to talk (audio/video) privately among themselves during a live event (without broadcasting to the audience)?  Thank you!

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I let the PG answer if there is some way I am not aware about but I would consider a workaround for the next Live Event: A separate meeting with just presenters & producers and join to that meeting on different client (web browser). You need two mics for that and be very careful obviously what mics are open. No, I would not mix this up with video. So in short: not to my knowledge. Chat is between presenters/producers but I guess you knew that already.
I like the premise for this, but given presenters won't use live events much/can be useless, can you trust them to have the mic switched to the correct channel?! :)
You can create a chat separately for the Producers/Presenters, and from there escalate it to a voice or video call. Would this work for your use case? Let me know if that does/doesn't answer your question.
Interesting idea - and it should surely work. However I have not tried during a Live Event if it goes to hold when starting a new call - never thought about that before. That's why I suggest another client in my earlier reply.

@Vesa Nopanen Yes, true, you would need to use another client such as web browser, mobile, IP phone, etc. because of hold issue you point out. Thank you!

Just make sure you have two mics available since the active event "locks" it to itself.

@Vesa Nopanen don't think this is the case.. Mics can usually be shared between applications, only cameras cannot. (possibly Mac's may be different?). I have certainly been in a teams meeting using the app whilst also in another teams meeting via the browser, and just used the same headset no worries ( I just had to make sure I had the correct mic muted! :)

Interesting. However, that was what I experienced. I had Teams client in a meeting and I needed to be on the other meeting at the same time. WebTeams on Edge didn't let me use my headset mic. So I assumed mics are just like cams. I need to test this one again.