Background images - where is the control

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Do you have plans to let administrators to control what images people are allowed to upload or share as meeting background? Would be nice if we could setup pictures used in our school and that is all.


It is pretty annoying that students can put what ever pictures to their background and make it public.

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@Petri X, thanks for your question.  We have released admin policies that allow you to control custom backgrounds.  Learn more here:

Thank you @angelamsft for your reply, and good to see that there is some control. But you are really not giving us possibility to use only customized picture?


We could limit the accesses by ACLs to that folder (perhaps users cannot overwrite that?) and having only our own pictures. Or how did you though we could limit it? But we like to get rid of the default pictures as well.


I believe I cannot be the first one asking this.

@Petri X, thanks for adding more information.  To clarify, are you wanting the ability for the IT admin to define a custom and fixed set of default backgrounds for their tenant?  I'll make sure your feedback is brought back to the team.

@angelamsft my org limits a users ability to upload their own images, thanks for that policy option... however, as a global enterprise, our marketing team does want to deploy custom branded backgrounds.  With the current policy options, this does not appear to be possible. The ability to display managed custom org-wide backgrounds would be helpful.  


Thank you for listening. Yes, would like to offer users the schools/companies brand backgrounds or/and then user's own background (depends of client policy user is granted).


We are already looking for how to deliver the branded pictures for users using our own software deployment service. But still the default pictures are always on top of the list and our custom images are on bottom.


Just take a short view and looks like lock down the "Uploads" folder could be challenging as user is owner of that folder.

@Petri X Agree to this question. 

We would also like to replace the default backgrounds with the company approved ones (with brand logo). 


You could distribute these pictures via scripting or other software distribution tools to all PC's in the company, however that is not a full fix. This is not that easy towards mobile devices. Also won't come along I guess when the user logs into his account on his home PC or another not company owned device. Therefor this list of company based backgrounds shoudl be pushed through the teams application in my honest opinion.

We ended up going with a GPO to push out our custom background images to all firm managed laptops/desktops.  We have guides and policies on when/how to use them.  We did not attempt to manage personal or mobile device backgrounds.  We would like to see an option to only allow org provided backgrounds and we would like to have those images managed within the Teams Admin so we would not have to push them out.  Looking at how Teams loads, it is already pulling the Microsoft provided backgrounds from a CDN... it would be nice to have that same flexibility for org provided images.  

@angelamsft has anything changed with company tenant capabilities that would allow Marketing to control the custom backgrounds or at least let us add to the stock photos?  Being asked as well by marketing to add a set of stock images for users to choose from that are company branded.

Like the others, my Marketing area wants us to provide approved background images for our users regardless of whether they are on a managed device or not. This would logically be added into the Teams admin center. We're hoping to see this added as an option.