Auto Answer incoming calls function in Teams

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Another question.

In Skype there is the options to auto answer calls. 

We have a lot of customers with showrooms or public meeting rooms, where this function could be useful. 


Is there any thoughts about getting this function to Teams? 

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Hello Peter, not an answer but am curious...have you configured auto attendants and call queues in your ecosytem?

Hey @Alex Cross 


Good question. No we haven't. Most customers still reach us through regular phone calls or email.


I did look into the option, but since it didn't, as fare as I could tell, gave me the option of auto answer, I dropped it. 

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@pml_avcenter ... when you say customers reach you through "regular phone calls" does this mean that your organization has not configured/enabled Voice within Teams yet? Quick ways to tell...if someone dials your phone number, does it ring to Teams? Also, do you have a dial pad available when you navigate to the "Calls" button on the left navbar? 


If Voice has not been setup/configured, and you're only using Teams for meetings, chat, and collaboration then calls can't be auto-routed.



A day late (but hopefully not a dollar short ... 


I put this together last year to help auto-answer calls with video (it was mainly targeted toward corrections and hospital environments), but it also might be useful to you (if you don't already have something). 

Hey Aaron

Thank you :)

Actually already located your page and tried your solution a while ago, which works great on a standard PC.
But for this solution i was using a MTR setup with an IOT unit and MTW license. There it doesn’t seem to work.
But thank you :)