Any update on Admin Center Upgrade modes in UI


Currently you have to powershell anything. At some point months ago you could set Teams Only mode in the UI and it's been removed for months now. Any updates on when these modes will come back or is it because they aren't fully functional that they do not currently show? 


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Yes!  Right now the "Teams Only" mode is flighted in the UI for specific tenants only.  We are currently working on (what appears to be) the last bits of work required end to end to make this light up for everyone broadly.  It's possible that this will hit in an upcoming release of the Teams admin center - I'm just waiting for the word that all the fiddley bits are aligned and we'll turn it on for the world.


Coming then on the heels of that will be additional upgrade modes.....that will again follow the process of being available to a select group of tenants to help us test initially and then afterwards will be released broadly.




Thanks Jamie :)