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Rod is just getting back into the office from a very successful TechMentor conference at the Microsoft campus in Redmond.
He delivered two sessions on Microsoft Sentinel, and both went off without a hitch. On Tuesday it was “A Day in the Life of a Sentinel Analyst.” On Wednesday, he started the day with “Using Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Teams as a SOC War Room.”
The “Day in the Life…” is always different, though he has delivered this concept before. He keeps updating it to include all the new features we roll out constantly.
The SOC War Room is a new topic and could be the first of its kind. But it was so well received he will be building this out for much broader distribution and delivery. This session talks about using Microsoft Sentinel to identify when a war room is necessary and then using the magic of Microsoft Teams to connect the right people virtually. It also goes into the various roles and skillsets required for each type of War Room situation.
If you had to choose TWO places to go to participate in the Microsoft Sentinel community, what would they be?
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