i cant update microsoft security compliance manager after i installed it

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Hi everyone. hope you can help. im trying to use microsoft security compliance manager but after i installed it, i cant update it. it says "please check your internet connection, the remote server return an error (404)". i have internet connection no problem, but this error keep on and on and i cant update. thanks.Screenshot (1).png

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SCM was retired in 2017. 


Look for the Security Compliance Toolkit, version 1.0 as of today.

@Daniel Niccoli Strange that a new version of SCM 4.0 was released July 26, 2021, just a few days ago.  Is it in or is it out?  I installed it and tried to update and got the same message.  Why put out a new version if it is not supported?  Perhaps the update will come in the coming days?  Can someone form Microsoft shed light on this please ASAP?


Many thanks,  JP

Interesting. @Rick_Munck can you shed some light on this?

Thanks @Daniel Niccoli and you are correct, SCM is indeed retired.  The only reason we have left it up on the DLC this long was because of Server 2012 and Windows 8.1 since they (the OS) are still technically supported till 2023.  That being said there have been no changes to SCM since v4 released YEARS ago.

The release date changed to 2021 on the download site, that's what caused the confusion. So that's just a wrong date, as I understand. Thanks for the clarification.

@Daniel Niccoli correct, I really don't know why it changed but we did verify the bits are still the old ones...  Since we are on this topic, perhaps its time to take SCM down...  Thoughts?

Thank you both for the quick reply! Much appreciated. :)
Server 2012 is still in extended support, as far as I understand.

I agree that perhaps it's better to move to the new SCT, but there might still be companies that still run 2012 and rely on the availability of SCM 4 as a download? Maybe you have the option to add a notice that SCM is superseded by SCT on that download page and leave it up until 2012 support ends?
You are correct it is until 2023, also don't forget about Windows 8.1 also :)

Let me see what we can do and appreciate the feedback!!!
Windows 8? Never heard about that. ;)
BUHAHAHAHA I was waiting for that!