OneDrive’s new photo editing features and more

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Want a second chance to perfect that family portrait? Need to adjust the colors on your sunset photo? Now you can with OneDrive’s new photo editing features. Starting today you can crop, rotate and adjust the light and color in your photos on OneDrive.1, 2 Plus, we’re launching new ways to organize and view your photos on OneDrive for Android. Our new editing, organization, and viewing features put you in control, so you can take your pictures to the next level and add your own touch of style.


Today is just the start of a number of new enhancements that OneDrive is bringing to photos over the next year, all of which are built on trust and powered by innovation like the rest of your OneDrive experiences. Relentless innovation has made OneDrive a world-class app for file storage, sharing and collaboration. We’re now extending that same commitment to a refreshed photos experience that will enhance the joy you get from your photos. Like always, you can expect that we’ll remain committed to your privacy – we don’t scan your photos, files, or personal content to target ads to you, and we don’t share your data without permission.


Here’s a deeper look at our new editing, viewing, and organization features to help you maximize your photo enjoyment.

Crop away

Sometimes you just need to trim out unwanted parts of an image to bring more focus to your subject. Now you can easily crop to standard image sizes for your social media apps with our built-in presets, or you can go free-form and crop your image exactly the way you want3. These preset ratios are perfect for when you want to share a picture in your social stories, create a new profile image or even a banner.

ODC Web Crop.gif


Rotate and flip

Our rotation feature makes it simple to rotate left and right by 90 degrees or flip an image by 180 degrees. We’ve also added incremental degree rotation, so you can easily straighten out those slightly tilted pictures. Now you don’t need to tilt your head to view your pictures just the right way.

ODC Web Rotate.gif


Light and Color Adjustments

Have you ever noticed how satisfying it is to adjust the light and color saturation of your images? There’s no better feeling than watching an image transform from muted colors and low contrast to richly colored and stunning. Now it’s easy to make those transformations with adjustments for brightness, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, and color saturation. Once you’re done with the enhancements, admire your artistry by tapping and holding on the image to compare the new version with its original.

ODC Web Adjust.gif


When you make edits to photos on OneDrive you’ll have the option to save the changes as a new image or overwrite the original image. And if you accidentally overwrite your original, you can use version history to recover it.


These editing features are now rolling out to OneDrive for Web and OneDrive for Android1. We expect to bring them to OneDrive for iOS later this year. Currently, editing is rolling out for OneDrive personal accounts – we expect to bring these features to OneDrive for work and school accounts this summer.


From left to right photo cropping, rotation and light adjustments as seen on OneDrive for Android.From left to right photo cropping, rotation and light adjustments as seen on OneDrive for Android.

Ready to make your photos picture perfect? Try out these features today. Download OneDrive for Android or open OneDrive for Web.


Cast it to the big screen with Chromecast

Now you can enjoy your OneDrive photos and videos in a larger format by displaying them on your TV with Chromecast. To display media files on Chromecast devices, just connect your phone to a Chromecast-enabled device, open the OneDrive for Android app, and tap on the upper right corner of the OneDrive home tab. As you move through photos and videos on your phone, you’ll see them on your Chromecast-enabled TV or device.

chromecast double screenshot.PNG



Organize your photos by date and source

We’re making it easy to organize your photos. Many of us save images to OneDrive not just from our phone’s camera, but also from sources like text messages, social media, WhatsApp, and screenshots. To help keep these better organized, we’re soon introducing a new setting that creates folders based on the upload source. Images from those sources are automatically added to their respective folders. And if you like to keep images organized by date, you can group your images by month and year. We expect this feature to ship within the next two months on OneDrive for Android.




Filter your photos

There are times when you only want to see images from your Pictures folder and times when you want to see all the photos in your OneDrive. Whatever the time, now you can filter for it. You can find this new option in the top right of your Photos tab on OneDrive for Android and the photos area of OneDrive for Web.


Let OneDrive protect and organize your photos, so you have time to be you. Download the OneDrive app and turn on camera roll backup today.

1 Photo editing is available on OneDrive for Web and OneDrive for Android (requires Android Version 6.0 or higher and OneDrive app version 6.30 or above).

2Photo editing in OneDrive is currently limited to JPEG and PNG formats.

3 OneDrive’s preset ratios include square, 9:16, 16:9, 4:5, 5:4, 3:4, 4:3, 2:3, 3:2,1:2 and 2:1.











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Will this feature work in SharePoint Online document libraries?

New Contributor

Great set of improvements. I would like to see improved photos search experience in OneDrive. Google Photos has a great search experience.


Not applicable

If ever there was a set of features not required by Enterprise customers - this is it!  Perfectly highlights how MS have abandoned their faithful (but subscription flat-lined) corporate customer base and are now racing after consumers to chase revenue targets.


OneDrive is a sync client.  Period.  All this photo editing rubbish should be in a standalone app, it is nothing to do with syncing of content across multiple devices.


RIP MS Enterprise customers.

Occasional Contributor

Great new features. More important feature than this one is the option to restrict downloading of shared files. It's extremely important that Microsoft 365 users have the option to restrict downloading of files shared. Currently there is no such cloud storage which has both, restriction of file downloading and expiry date. Google Drive has the option of restricting download but can't apply expiry date simultaneously.


If Onedrive gets these 2 features for using simultaneously, it'll make it unique and market leader. 

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Can you please release OneDrive to Huawei AppGallery? Office is already there, we miss onedrive


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Gotta love some of the utterly clueless comments here;

About MS abandoning enterprise, in favour of consumers.

What rock have they been under in the last several years.

If anything, it's the other way around...

Most cluey folks get "why" , even if sometimes a bitter pill.

Not applicable

@JedHSL-home - hey Jared, 'utterly clueless' calling.  I am guessing you have limited exposure to multi-geo tenants with 200,000+ users?  Of the 322,000+ E5 users on my tenant I don't think OneDrive photo editing is on anyone's wish list.  My personal wish would be to take Flow Teams actions out of Preview so we can rollout flows globally, two+ years in preview is long enough.....


Great feedback from a 'cluey' guy, do you have any other posts of wisdom you can share with the community?



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I guess I returned hyperbole, with hyperbole, I stand by the main thrust -not the utterly clueless bit.

Agreed, more of the Power platform, and esp. Automate, would be sweet & is needed LT -it'll come.


Too busy, unsubscribing.

Congratulations team! Nice feature update!

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Great improvements, indeed... but why is it so painfully slow. 
I've just moved from Google Photos (which I in all honestly would have stuck to if they didn't charge you that much) and they offer way more functions and much faster. Will OneDrive eventually get there?

If you have read the article you have seen, that as today this feature is only available for Users on the Web (or Android) with OneDrive Personal, not with OneDrive for Business. 

@Paul_Diamond  are there any plans to have these experience available also for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint document libraries and for iOS?



@Hans Brender We hope to have photo editing available on OneDrive for Business (on web) by the end of summer. No plans yet to incorporate it into SharePoint document libraries. I'll comment again when I know the expected iOS timing.


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@Paul_Diamond  Please, if/when you release this feature to business users, make sure it provides a JPEG quality setting.  I don’t want my important photos to have a degraded quality after a simple crop operation.

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Hi Guys,

Re: Post Quote.

"Starting today you can crop, rotate and adjust the light and color in your photos on OneDrive"


I have updated to the latest version of OneDrive for Android from the Play Store and still no photo editing features available ?

The Android One Drive app version in the Play Store is showing V6.36  30 July 21.

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Everytime i will be asking this. Is it available? 

This post is June, and now is August


Hey @Andrew_Woo : I have it

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I have now finally got (the Edit) button in the latest OneDrive update from the Playstore.

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Photo Editing is a great addition. However, the Photo Viewing UX has long neglected issues needing to be addressed.


On iOS, the Photos tab generates thumbnails from every folder an account, rather than just the Pictures folder.

This includes graphical assets - .bmp, .png files from archived or current projects.

Also present are blank thumbnails generated from the .ico files contained within .exe programs.


It seems like such a basic issue should be fixed before adding editing capabilities.


20210917_152952000_iOS (Small).png20210917_153014000_iOS (Small).png20210917_153020000_iOS (Small).png


This feature is now rolling out to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online too. Check the message center announcement MC286779 Image Utility Edit Control.

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It's indeed a good attempt in trying to add more features to your otherwise dull pictures. Good indeed...!

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There should be a standalone photo editor app for Android. Having to go through OneDrive is unnecessarily complicated.

Occasional Visitor

Will it allow users to correct “create date”? I am not sure how OneDrive is getting the dates it is using and the auto uploads will occasionally create duplicates. 

Occasional Visitor

Can i transfer my phoyos from one phone to another

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Can i transfer my photos from one phone to another"


Of course you can transfer your One Drive photos from one phone to another.


Just install your OneDrive app on your other phone and login to the One Drive app on that phone which will then bring back all those same photos as they are already in your Microsoft cloud same space.

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We expect to bring them to OneDrive for iOS later this year. Currently, editing is rolling out for OneDrive personal accounts – we expect to bring these features to OneDrive for work and school accounts this summer.

It's a bit over a year since this was announced. I don't see image editing in my work account's iOS app yet. @Paul_Diamond, was rollout delayed or is it "just me"? 



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