Your complete roadmap to Microsoft Managed Desktop

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We have prepared a roadmap for IT pros, developers, and security experts who want their organizations to pursue Microsoft Managed Desktop as a path to the Modern Workplace. This guide should help you secure organizational buy-in, investigate our solution, and get your systems ready for modern management.

Spread inspiration

To get your business or technology leadership excited about Microsoft Managed Desktop, you might start with these introductory materials about the service features and benefits. For skimmable content that highlights key features and benefits, check out our datasheet and our introductory e-book, “Delight your company with a modern workplace.”


We also have several short, engaging videos that explain Microsoft Managed Desktop at a high level. You can build cross-organization support by sharing these videos with sales, HR, or other business unit leads who might rally around the vision of frictionless device experiences.


  • This introductory video helps busy executives visualize a modern workplace where devices are secure, modern, and backed by Microsoft.
  • This animation can get anyone excited about what a fantastic device experience should look like.
  • This ‘Day In The Life’ animation offers a glimpse of how Microsoft Managed Desktop empowers IT pros to add value to core business objectives.

Provide context

To help business decision-makers recognize ways outdated tech is holding back the entire organization, check out some of these key blogs.


This case study demonstrates Microsoft Managed Desktop’s dramatic impacts on user satisfaction and the benefits of increased IT agility

Learn the basics

If you’re ready to dig into the nuts and bolts, you’ll find all the latest details on our docs site. Start with our service overview, which covers the basics and provides intuitive links to help you find what you need.


Check out Microsoft Managed Desktop and ITIL to understand which parts of the standard IT service model Microsoft Managed Desktop covers, and which you’ll continue to manage (or source through a partner). You’ll also find information regarding the division of responsibilities within Microsoft Managed Desktop.

Build a business case

If you need to justify modernization as a priority for your organization, check out the Forrester thought leadership paper showing sky-high market demand for managed desktop services – and the benefits organizations expect to realize. That should intrigue any leader striving to outpace the competition.


The Qualtrics survey data here shows jaw-dropping data around employee engagement and user experience benefits for Microsoft Managed Desktop customers.

Start modernizing

For transition planning, check out our getting started guide, which is a great resource for enrollment preparation and for learning the prerequisites.


You should know, it’s never been easier to transition to Microsoft Managed Desktop. New programs and partner support solutions are available to accelerate customer transitions – contact your account team or Microsoft Managed Desktop rep for more details.


If you’re planning to replace user devices anytime soon, select from the newest models on our list of devices we’ve curated to deliver fantastic experiences with modern management. Not only will you be able to transition those devices to Microsoft Managed Desktop seamlessly, but you can reduce your immediate workload of device research.

Get in touch

If you’re not already working with a Microsoft Managed Desktop expert, reach out to your organization’s Microsoft account team.

Have you consulted or shared any of the resources we’ve listed here? What are you excited to act on or share with your colleagues? Comment below and let us know how it’s going

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