My first Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Deployment is done. This is my questions




I have just finished a basic deployment of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) its established with IPSEC tunnel to an on-premise Active Directory and Azure AD Connect is configured with Password hash sync so users with same UPN is merged. 


I want to tune the performance between the application server & session hosts, i tried to apply both VMs to the same Proximity Placement Group but it seems like my session host VM is in a Availability set. I don't know if there is any reason to make this change really, I just faith this was part of best practice for optimal performance. Is this action really needed?


This client has a few users that is outside there own organization that doesn't have E3 licenses. And they need access to the application, is there any way i can invite them as guest users or something to the azure AD and give them access to the WVD Group or how will this solution handle licensing part? According to docs requirements all users need to have atleast Business 365 & E3. 


My clients will access the application threw RemoteAPP, but they need to open Outlook, Excel, Word somethings, how can I configure this for every user? 


Thanks all


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