Microsoft Learn training material for AI-900 exam: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals

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Hi all,

I'm currently working my way through the free training material hosted in Microsoft Learn in preparation for the AI-900 exam.

I see the skills measured for the exam will be changing soon on Oct 22, 2020. The details of the changes are outlined here:

My question is - is the training material in Microsoft Learn (there are 5 learning paths to complete) going to change soon to align with the changes to the exam in October, or do the current learning paths reflect the updated skills measured?

I ask as I'm wondering whether I should halt my study now and wait for the learning paths to be updated. Many thanks

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The learning paths on the exam and certification pages will help you prepare for current and new version as the changes coming on October are minor. 

You can download the skills outline document and you will see what the changes are.


This is a collection with the recommended learning paths to prepare for Exam AI-900: (same learning paths you see in the cert and exam pages).


Good luck in your exam!

Thanks Sandra for you confirmation.