Finding a Bookings Calendar Name and creating more than one calendar

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In bookings I created a second calendar. I gave it a different name. Now I cannot find my 1st calendar, although it still accepts and logs appointments in outlook calendar and sends confirmation emails. I can find the scheduling page for the first calendar using the published link; but I cannot find the calendar in bookings to edit the services. I will recreate the 1st calendar if needed, but would like to know what I need to do to ensure the proper fields are different in order that I do not overwrite editing access in my 2nd calendar's bookings. 

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Hello @sporadic1865 

When you are in the bookings homepage select the drop-down (the downward caret symbol) beside your calendars name. From the drop-down select "open" and the dialog from my attached picture will open to give you access to your other calendar.

I hope that helps

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I am having the same issue. Clicking the drop down does not show me the old Bookings calendar but it still functions - I can add and cancel appointments to it from the 'landing page'.@Rolf-42 

@Rolf-42 When I use the drop down, nothing shows as alternatives to open. When I attempt to type the name of the calendar or what I thought the name was; the response in "no match". So I am wondering what does bookings consider the name of the calendar? I tried the business name, I tried the title of the calendar, I tried many combinations and staff names without success. I am at a loss on how to find a named calendar or what bookings considers the name.  I would like to access it to make changes to services. 

Hi @RalphVasquez and sporadic1865

In my bookings I have to select open from the drop-down on the left (see pic Bookings Calendar selection 2.png) That opens the separate dialog for opening a specific calendar (see pic Bookings Calendar selection 3.png). I then have to select one of the names that are shown at the bottom of this dialog which is in my case the highlighted (grey) name "TheCloud42". So there is no guessing for me what the name is.

Which names do you see in the open dialog if any? Maybe you can share a screenshot also? 

And according to this post here:

the booking calendar is a normal user that you can administer or even delete through the normal M365 user management. 

Thank you
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@Rolf-42 Hello. I have added images similar to yours, but I do not get the additional calendars in my drop down like you do. We were asked by our administration to give the calendar a specific name. I was adding a second to try to cover functions that the first would not correctly create under services.  I think what is slightly disheartening is now I have lost access to both calendars I created.  I will begin again.  Another question or concern with bookings is in services which if I could get worked out I may not need a second calendar.  In services, I offer several services that can occur across all dates on my calendar. The I have a service "welcome calls" that I want to occur during a specific 2 week period. I have a third service which would be "collaborative lessons" that will occur in the weeks following the welcome call period. What is happening is times blocked out in in the two services are different with respect to active or not available, closed...  What is happening is the settings are crossing over to the other services and not staying within the specified dates. Thank you for your help and continued conversation :) 

@Rolf-42 neither the Bookings calendar I have made, nor the previous one I did make, show up in that drop down. Here is how it looks on my end. I am using the most up to date version of Chrome on a Windows 10 PC. However, in the Bookings App on my iOS phone, it also shows neither and prompts me to make a whole new bookings calendar when I try to set it up.Selector-Snip-1.png

Hello @RalphVasquez

Looks like your admin deleted all the user accounts that are behind the calendars of booking. 

I would try to recreate them together with the admin to make sure that does not happen again.

Regarding your scheduling issues I would just try to block the fixed times myself say offer only the slots you want to have the service offered. If that does not work I'm afraid you would need several calendars.

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