Digital Transformation is About People! Join the C3 Global Cloud Skills v-Tour on June 9-10


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People are what makes digital transformation succeed. What kind of people? People committed to lifelong learning are supported by their workplaces to leverage digital thinking, technology, and processes to bring about digital transformation.


Companies that equip their workforce with the necessary knowledge, training, and executive support lay the groundwork for successful cloud adoption.


The C3 Global Cloud Skills v-Tour, presented by the Leading Learning Partners Association (The LLPA) on June 9-10, 2021, is the perfect catalyst to make cloud adoption less of a mystery and more of a reality for more companies across regions and industries. At this event, company leaders can learn from keynote speakers what the future of learning looks like in organizations and how they can harness learning and technology to be future-ready.


The Global Cloud Skills v-Tour is part of an exclusive C3 event series. C3 stands for “C to the power of 3” representing a cloud certification circle model that comprises training, certification, reporting, and support services. It was introduced by the LLPA in 2019 and aims to accelerate cloud computing knowledge worldwide.


Don’t just listen; participate!

Throughout the virtual event, there will be live segments and Q&A. All those attending can connect with each other through the lobby area, which takes them to the chatroom where they can communicate via chat, video, and audio call. Or you can chat with the exhibitors by going to the booths and clicking the chat button.


What happens at 3 pm CET on June 9?

At this time, a global challenge to find the best all-round cloud, data & AI, and developer professionals will kick-off. The C3 Cloud Skills Cup World Championships will challenge local country Cloud Skills Cup winners to answer 40 multiple choice questions in the quickest time. The final will result in top rankings for Cloud, Data & AI, and Developer Pros to be announced during the opening of the C3 event on the 10th of June.


Register now.

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