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The popular response to our call for stories at #ProudToBeCertified has been inspiring. Anyone who’s taken a certification exam knows that passing takes dedication and an intensive time commitment. That’s just one of the reasons why these personal stories are worth sharing. In the coming weeks, we’ll be highlighting how Microsoft Certification has encouraged and empowered so many people around the world.



The perks of certification

When you expand and maintain your career by getting Microsoft-certified, the opportunities that become available are enough to make anyone proud. It increases confidence, income, professional credibility, and happiness. A study by Pearson VUE found that 67% of technical professionals say certification builds confidence; about 35% of technical professionals say getting certified led to salary or wage increases; and 41% said they’re happier in their jobs.1


Organizations also benefit from continuous learning. IDC has found that trained and certified teams responsible for core IT activities are almost 20% more productive than less proficient staff, with Microsoft-certified IT professionals performing 26% better across all roles than uncertified IT professionals with the same responsibilities.2


In other words, certification is a great investment in yourself, and in your team. It’s a game-changer. As Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Certified Trainer Heather Severino said in her Proud to be Certified story, “I can't imagine what my journey would have been like had I not started with that first Microsoft Certification.”




Microsoft Certification benefits

When you, your team, and your organization maintain a culture that celebrates learning and achievement, everyone wins. Certification supports a forward-looking culture that values up-to-date knowledge and a constant striving for the next, most useful capabilities, not only as proof of skills and expertise, but with real benefits to individuals and companies.


Microsoft Certification helps you:

  • Get recognized. Build confidence and be recognized as a leader, unlock new opportunities, and share your credentials with your professional network.
  • Get ahead. Stay ahead of the curve, increase your productivity, and take your career to the next level.
  • Get hired. Certified technical skills help you prepare for job opportunities by proving to employers you have the skills they want.


Microsoft Certification helps your organization:

  • Increase performance. Certified employees are more productive, more efficient in their roles, and bring more creative solutions to complex technical problems.
  • Increase value. Organization’s benefits include improved productivity, faster troubleshooting, and fewer skills gaps.
  • Increase the talent pool. By simplifying talent identification and recruiting through certification you make your screening process easier.




This is just the start

When you check out the #ProudToBeCertified videos and stories, you’ll see that certification is a continual and rewarding journey. You might even be surprised by the opportunities certification has provided for individuals around the world. IT Consultant, MVP, and Microsoft Certified Trainer Akah Mandela Munab said in his story that certifications “opened doors to a large community where I could share my ideas and help others on their Microsoft Certification path.”


This is the first in a series of posts where we’ll be sharing the personal stories, business benefits, and latest insights on creating and maintaining a personal attitude of continual learning. Plus, we’ll highlight how organizational culture encourages and supports the extra effort and time it takes for every team member to keep advancing.


Already certified? We want to hear from you – because we believe the more professionals who share their accomplishments, the more encouraged others will be to join Microsoft’s growing community dedicated to continuous improvement. You are our certification community. Now, it’s time to celebrate it.


Watch more #Proud to be Certified videos and submit your story as a video or post on Twitter, LinkedIn, or your preferred platform with #ProudToBeCertified.


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2IDC white paper sponsored by Microsoft, “Benefits of Role-based Certifications,” June 2020

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