Build your Azure skills with Microsoft Learn and Pluralsight

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Omar Khan - General Manager of Azure Customer Success Marketing


Updated on October 5, 2021


Microsoft Learn and Pluralsight keep working together to unlock the power of Azure by offering complementary learning modalities that bring holistic, versatile options to master Azure expertise and prepare for Azure certifications. Join us at Pluralsight LIVE 2021, an annual technology skills conference. Come to learn how we are stronger together and leave with the tools to empower your teams!


Register for Pluralsight LIVE and connect with us at the Microsoft Azure “virtual booth,” where you’ll find lots of resources and opportunities to engage with folks from Microsoft.


Plus, Microsoft is presenting an in-depth session at this year’s LIVE, Build your Azure skills with Microsoft Learn and Pluralsight. This session, on Tuesday, October 12, 2021, at 12 PM Mountain Time, explores how you can get the skills you need to meet the challenges of today’s cloud-based, digital world. You’ll learn what’s new in Azure and how customers are leveraging Azure cloud to be successful. We’ll explain how the Microsoft Learn offering works and how we partner with Pluralsight to support your skilling process. And we’ll help you get started identifying the right certifications for you or your team to help you embrace digital transformation.


Decide what your skilling journey looks like

Before you explore how to use the resources of Microsoft Learn and Pluralsight together to learn and master Azure, first step back and examine your and your organization’s goals. Each person—and each company—has a unique journey. Your organization’s digital transformation journey may define your own learning journey. Depending on your business or personal goals, you might identify different skilling needs, for example:

• You or members of your team might need foundational understanding of an Azure technology.
• You might have some roles on your team that need specific technical skills to help people succeed in their jobs.
• You might be starting a new project that requires you to use and combine multiple Azure technologies to deliver the best solution.

After you’ve assessed your learning and skilling needs, you can create a learning plan for you or your team that combines learning experiences available to you through digital skilling, training events, and instructor-led training.

Microsoft Learn offers many training options so you can choose to learn in a style that fits you or your team best, as you identify roles, skills, and learning paths to support your complete learning journey—from building a foundation for skills validation to gaining recognition with Microsoft Certifications. Use free, self-paced learning or attend training events. Or you can attend in-depth instructor-led training, either virtually or in person, using Microsoft Official Courseware delivered by Microsoft Learning Partners. Combine these learning experiences to customize the best learning strategy for you.


Now let’s look at how you can use Microsoft Learn and Pluralsight together to make the most of your learning experience.


Combine Microsoft Learn and Pluralsight to intensify your tech skills on Azure

Microsoft Learn and Pluralsight offer complementary options to help you gain Azure expertise. Use them together for an integrated learning experience.

Start by determining where you are:
• To know where your Azure skills stand, use Pluralsight Skill IQ.
• Measure your proficiency in your role, with Pluralsight Role IQ.


After you identify any gaps in your knowledge, focus your time on discovering what you need to learn instead of searching for content or reviewing what you already know.


Combine features from both platforms to enhance your learning. Whether you learn better reading, watching videos, practicing in sandbox environments, or with instructor-led training, use Microsoft Learn and Pluralsight together, wherever you are.

Want to prove your skills by earning an Azure certification? Microsoft Learn and Pluralsight are there to support your journey.
• Prepare using learning paths on Microsoft Learn and Pluralsight.
• Use instructor-led training on Microsoft Learn and Pluralsight to build foundational skills and reinforce your skills.

Already certified? Challenge yourself to earn another certification. Learning is an ongoing journey. Create your own learning strategy with instruction in both Microsoft Learn and Pluralsight. The following infographic shows you how you can assess, discover, and master the skills you need by combining these helpful resources.

Microsoft Learn at Pluralsight Live.png


Time to start learning!

Microsoft Learn and Pluralsight are the leading complementary learning platforms to help you skill up on—and master—Azure and to help you get recognized and take the next step in your career. Check out Microsoft Learn for instructor-led or self-paced interactive training and for hands-on learning, and go to Pluralsight for videos, skills assessments, and more. Create a custom Azure learning path, learn at your own pace, and prepare for Azure certifications—all on your way to becoming an Azure expert. Are you ready? One, two, three—let’s go!

Microsoft Learn at Pluralsight Live CTA.png

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