Microsoft Technical Takeoff: Windows and Microsoft Intune
Oct 24 2022 07:00 AM - Oct 27 2022 12:00 PM (PDT)

Windows 10 and later feature updates report


I've looked at the MS docs Use Update Compliance reports for Windows Updates in Microsoft Intune - Microsoft Intune | Microsoft...


But I don't know why have have intune machines that have the status 

Offering  update state
Offer ready update substate
In progress updata aggregated state
Not applicable alert type
Not scanned yet last scan time
The computer last event is 2/24/22, but its chcked-in time for intune is 3/3/22. 
Because its an intune only computer no domain or GPO, I have the policy set to check and apply feature updates within 2 days.
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Hey @Jason_B1025 - Not sure I follow, what exactly is your issue...Sounds like the feature updates are not applying or reporting correctly?

I'd start by making sure you meet the pre-reqs for feature update policies here: