MDE security configuration error

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I'm currently testing out the new MDE security configuration with MEM. I had this setup before the intune service release 2203. After the new release when I wanted to create an AV policy from the Endpoint security blade, but i only have the follow options:


When I check the configuration settings it has the same layout as the settings catalog, this must be new. I still see my old profile but with a platform which isn't available anymore 'Windows 10 and later'.


I got the same behavior with the 'Endpoint and detection policy'. It has also a additional option (the integration with MDE is enabled in both tenants): 


When you select onboard, I got a option to enter the onboarding blob but I don't have a option to upload the blob.


When I try to save this profile I receive follow error:



I tested this on 3 different tenants and we all had the same behavior. I already created a support ticket for it but the microsoft intune support wasn't aware of this (new) setting. 

Now i'm wondering if any of you guys already tested this and see the same behavior?






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I just received the confirmation it's a bug currently. It will be fixed by tomorrow. :)