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installing Studio One 5 Professional - exe

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Hi all,


I have a piece of software which requires you to accept terms and conditions which I would like to bypass and install silently. This software also asks users to log in with their Studio one account to activate it. Can this also be silent? 


I cant find any instructions to do this! So was wondering if anyone can help, if its possible



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First, I'd ask the developer about this. Implementing options for silent / unattended installation is their (PreSonus, in this case) job and only they can do it. As they provide no documentation on it at all (yes, I googled it too :)), I'm afraid it's simply not available. 


Apparently, according to, Studio 3 supported the /s parameter for its setup.exe. It might be worth a shot. Silent installation aside, I assume the installer will not activate/register/configure the product (as this requires account credentials, apparently). 


If you're lucky, the developer provides some kind of CLI-tool for that... I wouldn't hold my breath though. You next best shot would be to see if the setup stores something about activation in registry (using a tool like Regshot or something) and trying to see if you can clone that. 

Thank you I tried /s on a local machine at it worked how would I uninstall this via command line? I still need to test installing via intune yet but I will keep you updated!

It sounds like the setup.exe is actually just a wrapper for a .MSI. Is there a part in the setup-process where it starts unpacking data? If so, you should be able to unpack it yourself. There's a few ways to do that... you could try opening it with 7-Zip, or maybe the /x parameter actually works. 


Tip: setup.exe /? or setup.exe /h may yield some more information on the possibilities. 


Once unpacked, you're probably left with a MSI-file (and maybe some other payload-parts). This is basically the real installer. Each product has its own MSI GUID, which can also be used to uninstall it like so:

msiexec.exe /x {MSI GUID} /qn
  • /x means uninstall;
  • /qn means "quiet" (no UI or interaction).

That's just one of many options and I encourage you experiment.


Sorry for the late reply! The software is run as a custom install by default is there a way to run as a full install via intune/scripting?
Hi is there no way of installing the full installation rather than the custom? When installed using /s I click on the app which then requires all add ins / sounds if we are able to install the full version this will bypass any user interaction

Thanks in advance