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Oct 24 2022 07:00 AM - Oct 27 2022 12:00 PM (PDT)

Detecting and removing devices from Intune

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I am the head of Research and Development at an ITAD company. If you don't know what an ITAD is, we process retired IT equipment (PC, laptops, phones, servers, networking, etc) for resale, reuse, or recycle. 

The issue we have been encountering are systems that are still registered to the client Intune tenant. Normally we would just require the client to remove them but that doesn't always work. We are a licensed Microsoft refurbisher and we can run some systems through that process and that does deregister the devices. The issue is that we don't sell all our systems in retail. For wholesale systems, we do not install an operating system and we don't have any other way to detect or remove the tenant registration. So I have 2 questions. Is there a way to detect these systems without having to install an operating system and how can we have these devices deregistered without having to go through our refurbishment process? 


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Mmm when the device boots.. it asks microsoft to which tenant it belongs... Microsoft will determine it by looking at their "central" database and will redirect you to the tenant it belongs to so the device could download the autopilot profile and start enrollment...
But sfaik there isn't a tool available to determine to which tenant the device belongs to...

I guess to look it up... you will need to have some device specific parameters / 4k hash etc. makes me wondering something...