Error Creating Microsoft Team with Graph


I am working on some code that started having issues in the last couple weeks. I am able with application permissions to create an Office 365 Group. When I try to run the Graph call to add a Microsoft Team to the group I am getting the following error.


Failed to execute Aad backend request GetTenantSubscribedSkusRequest. Request Url:{TENANTID}/subscribedSkus?api-version=1.6, Request Method: GET, Response Status Code: Unauthorized, Response Headers: ocp-aad-diagnostics-server-name: +EOS4aiuOEFJVZdbhjMw16/+oK92lidT3YUz+JU856Q=
request-id: 5e6ed525-6b55-49be-841f-cd2d29a91793
client-request-id: cd4049d9-1a5e-4282-b6e9-e74d89ade546
Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=31536000; includeSubDomains
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2019 18:15:53 GMT

I have found, through testing, that if I create a team using the Graph Explorer on the created group or if I create a team through the Teams UI that my code will start working for 24 hours and then I start getting the same error again. It seems to me like there is something wrong with the setup of application permissions in the Teams Graph API. Any help would be appreciated. Having to have a user manually create a team once every 24 hours to make my code work is not an ideal scenario.

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Hi Ryan - I suggest referring this questing to the Teams TechCommunity