Shared Ownership - creator leaves company

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We use O365 Forms and ran into a data loss situation when the creator of 60 forms (in use) left the company.  When her account timed out, all of the data and forms were lost.  We want to prevent this from happening again. 


I see that you can share a link to edit, but I want to share OWNERSHIP.  Is this possible.  Are there solutions that our IT team can look at to prevent the above situation from reoccurring?  If this is not possible, is there an add-on tool or linked platform we can use that allows us to have this capability to co-own forms and data. 


Many thanks!


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Forms that you do not want to be lost should be created in a group form, not in an individual form. All group members become owners. If you are an administrator, you can transfer forms of users who have left your organization to the group. Please refer to the URL below for lost personal forms.
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