Is Microsoft Forms down right now?

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It was unreachable, then seemed to be up for a moment and now it's back down.  Help!!


p.s. We're in the Government cloud.


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Mine is loading fine...
Please report/ email to to Frank Yan from Microsoft Forms team.

Hi @Cori Newlander, Apologize for your inconvenience. There has been an incident on Friday and has been mitigated. Please try again and let me know if you still have issue with it.


Hi Team,


Unable to access the response page and design page of a form. Checked with the owner and they couldn't find the Form in their MS forms home page. got confirmation none of the owners deleted the Forms. Is there any issues going on. Please help in solving the issue and let me know how this can be resolved.


Hi Arun, sorry for your inconvenience. Could you share your form link so that our engineer can investigate?

Hi Anqi,


Good day to you! Thanks a lot for your help in solving our issue.


Any luck on the issue I reported. Do you need any more information regarding that issue?

Thanks again for looking into it.



Arun Kumar D.

Hi Arun, our engineer is looking at this issue right now and I will update you once I got back from the team.
Hi Arun, here's the investigation result - This forms owner has been deleted from this organization and his/her user account has been closed. All account-related data for this Form will be deleted 30 days after a user account is closed, for details please refer to
We recommend origin owner moves his/her form to Group before he/she leaves. (Co-author couldn’t move forms to Group).
There’re some detailed steps may help to do the ownership transfer:
• Duplicate Form:
• Download Excel:
• Move From to group by original owner:

Ok, now I can't even get to the Forms homepage now.  It has said "loading" for about 15 minutes .  


I have received many different instructions from various Microsoft people on this feed, with various questions .  Here's all the information I have on this topic:


1) I was able to create multiple forms that I use for surveys.  They worked for months, and last Friday I was unable to get to the Forms app.

2) We are in the Government Cloud.

3) I am able to get to all my other Office 365 Apps (Outlook, OneDrive, etc.).

4) I was asked if my Network team could turn off MFA.  They won't turn it off, but it's not required when I'm on our work network, but Forms doesn't work there either.


5) I asked someone else in our tenant to get to Microsoft forms, and they were unable to.  They could open forms in their own personal Office 365 account, but not our work account.

6) I have tried this from different computers in different networks, so it's not my computer and not my network.

7) until today, I was able to get to the Forms homepage, and the problem happened when I logged in with, which is my logo to our company's tenant.


This doesn't seem to be an issue on our network or on my computer.  I'm looking forward to a resolution.





Hi Anqi,


Thanks a lot for the investigation done on this issue. 


Is it possible to get the form's owner who created this form? If so, could you please provide it.


Thanks again for your support.



Arun Kumar D

Hi Arun, the form owner's user account has been closed and all info has been deleted, thus we are unable to get the user info. Thanks for your understanding.
Hi Cori, we need more info from you to help to investigate your issue. I've sent you a private message, please check. Thank you!

Hi Anqi,


Thanks a lot for your support and the information provided in this which was more helpful. Really appreciate the way you responded in a timely manner and detailed way by which we got the complete picture of the issue. Thanks so much again.



Arun Kumar D.