Reloading Azure AD Connect server

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Hi all

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I was wondering if someone could assist me with something?


Have a client who's Azure AD Connect server was hit with ransomware. He has since reloaded the server and now wants to install Azure AD Connect again. Any advice or tips?


It's an Exchange 2010 hybrid environment.


Do I just go ahead and reinstall it?

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Hi @Navishkar Sadheo,


Yes, just install Azure AD Connect and configure it with Hybrid and other options that you had before.


The best practice is to have a 2nd Azure AD Connect in staging mode in case that happens something as you had mentioned.


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Nuno Árias Silva

@Nuno Silva Thanks Nuno.


Is there no way for me to get the previous AAD Connect settings from somewhere?


They have quite a large local active directory and I don't want to sync the entire thing to AAD.


Do you have the exported configuration or any documentation?

@Nuno Silva 


Nothing of the sort Nuno. The site wasn't very well documented. I carried out the install with the default options. It seems to be ok. I will monitor it and see how it goes. Thanks for your assistance.