Data Retention for Azure ATP

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I see lots of references to the type of data, password hashes and GDPR when I look for data retention but nothing specific to how many days Azure ATP will store data for? I found the 90-day reference to Audit logs but nothing about personal data reported by the sensors.


Microsoft Defender provides the option when creating the instance with a max of 180 days. Looking for something similar for Azure ATP.


Any help much appreciated.

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@Razmi Patel I have alerts still appearing in my Azure ATP Portal from 2017. So it is much more than 180 days! 


@Joe Stocker   thank you. I also found this...


"After a user is deleted from the organization's Active Directory, Azure ATP automatically deletes the user profile and any related network activity within a year."


If anyone found how long logs are retained in Azure ATP, I'm interested in the answer.


@Naturel_Dragon  I m interested too

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