Azure ATP Sensor and AWS Environment

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Hi - I have a customer considering using one of their DCs they have in AWS to install and run the Azure ATP sensor on it. The DC has Windows Server 2016 OS installed. One concern is that when we ran the ATP Sizing tool, the tool was unable to gather some of the OS info to be able to tell us if the DC has enough resources to support the sensor. The sensor supported column states "Missing OS Data". Is this scenario, with a DC running in AWS, supported for the installation of the Azure ATP Sensor? 

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@meliss0215 AWS should be fine. the tool was probably blocked from making remote calls:

"From a domain-joined workstation that has network access to all the domain controllers on the following ports: TCP 135, TCP 389 ,TCP 445 and TCP RPC Dynamic Ports. If these ports are blocked, you may experience an error message "Remote Registry Query Failed" in the OS Server Level field"

@Eli Ofek Thanks for the help! I will check the ports to see if they are being blocked.