Which licenses do i need?

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Hi All,

We are an education customer in the UK and have a Microsoft volume agreement which covers all our Windows 10 machines that have defender installed. I have a A5 license for 365 and am using Microsoft defender for endpoint and want to manage 400 PC clients used by both staff and students. Can someone tell me what licenses are needed additional to this to make my setup legal please?


Many thanks for any replies.

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@binza999 To see the options for licensing  from Microsoft 365 compliance features, download the Microsoft 365 Comparison table.

Hi John,

Thanks for your reply and the table which did show me i quoted the wrong license in my question, i have a E5 license instead of an A5 one. This gives me the ability to manage every device in my school i choose to add or onboard to use the correct terminology! My conundrum is i pay for Windows 10 license which includes the free defender anti virus which is great for all my devices. I pay for a single E5 license so i can manage multiple devices from a single management PC do i effectively get to manage my whole site with one E5 license or do i need to buy something else for each client i am remotely managing using the microsoft defender for endpoint that comes with the E5 license which i now use to manage 400 clients. I was paying Mcafee thousands of GBP per month now im paying MS a couple of pounds per month for a single E5 license which in my opinion gives me a better endpoint protection for a couple of GBP per month? I must be missing something here?

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You need 1 E5 or A5 or standalone Defender for Endpoint licence for EVERY user that you want to onboard. One User can have up to 5 onboarded devices:



Hi there, I am new to Office 365, I work in health care.  I have assigned myself a e5 license then my other workers a e3.  Is this sufficient protection for HIPAA?

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