DeviceTvmBrowserExtensions hunting table

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows why the DeviceTvmBrowserExtensions hunting table has been removed from the Microsoft 365 Defender Advanced Hunting interface? It was available for a few weeks back in Feb/Mar of this year, but has been since removed.


Are there any plans to make this data available again via Advanced Hunting in the future?




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Looking at this blog post (, I understand that Browser extensions assessment is part of Defender for Vulnerability Management - and not part of the TVM features included in Defender for Endpoint. It's possible that they had those tables first included, before they created the new offer.
You can sign up for a 120 day public preview (Link in the blog mentioned above)!
Look here: if you want to take a look at the schema layout. But as Heike has correctly pointed out, this table is now part of "Defender for Vulnerability Management Add-on." Important is the part Add-on. Even if you have E5 you will not get the table without explicitly getting the license for TVM-Addon. This is a brand new product just recently in general preview.