Custom Detection rule to find Inactive Device

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Hello, My Org Planning to create incidents whenever the device goes inactive state in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. It would be much appreciated if I get the query(KQL) to list the Inactive device. Thanks in Advance

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@Arjun_Rajan You can use the following query, which runs fine but there is an error in it per MDE, which wont let me save this as a custom detection rule :

| where ConfigurationId in ('scid-2000', 'scid-2001')
| extend Test = case(
ConfigurationId == "scid-2000", "SensorEnabled",
ConfigurationId == "scid-2001", "SensorDataCollection",
Result = case(IsApplicable == 0, "N/A", IsCompliant == 1, "GOOD", "BAD")
| extend packed = pack(Test, Result)
| summarize Tests = make_bag(packed), DeviceName = any(DeviceName) by DeviceId
| evaluate bag_unpack(Tests)
| where SensorEnabled == "GOOD" and SensorDataCollection == "BAD"
| summarize by DeviceName, DeviceId

@Princely  Much appreciated your response to my query. Unfortunately, It does not return any result even if I choose the last 30 days. Please let me know if you happen to know how to set the Time range in the query. 


However, I do get all inactive devices by running the below query


| where ConfigurationId in ("scid-91", "scid-2000", "scid-2001")
| summarize arg_max(Timestamp, IsCompliant, IsApplicable) by DeviceId, ConfigurationId
| extend Test = case(
    ConfigurationId == "scid-2000", "SensorEnabled",
    Result = case(IsApplicable == 0, "N/A", IsCompliant == 1, "GOOD", "BAD")
| extend packed = pack(Test, Result)
| summarize Tests = make_bag(packed) by DeviceId
| evaluate bag_unpack(Tests)

The query you had mentioned seems to be giving the health status of each device.

And the one I had mentioned would specifically return the devices with a sensor enabled but no sensor data returned. Do you not have any hosts in your environment that match this criteria ? I suspect that is the case here.  



Princely Dmello