Can I automate security recommendations?

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In Defender ATP for Endpoints, under Vulnerability Management we get some recommendations to update software that is exposed. 


Due to the nature of the work in our business, it's not really practical to just deploy updates unannounced. It may cause detrimental impact to some users work.


Therefore I have the mundane and time consuming task of looking at the devices that are exposed to the said outdated software, I then notify the users that are logged in to those devices via teams that they may need to update said software..


With 150+ users, this can become the bane of my existence.. 


Is it possible to automate this workload? Has anyone done this before? I tried looking into Power Automate but I am unsure if I could find the right trigger.


I basically want Defender ATP to see that something needs updating, look at the list of exposed devices and what user is logged into it and somehow get it notify that user that they need to update it.


This would make life amazing. :)


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