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Hi All,
Are there way to monitor all emails user are sending (Microsoft exchange) and stop sending the mail if user sending the mail with unclassified (unified labelling classified) attachments .

Basically the requirement is every attachment must classified with unified labelling. 




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@pradeepg290 Hello, this can be accomplished with sensitivity labels, more precisely the "mandatory labeling" feature. It can only be used with the AIP unified labeling client.


See the link for more info and look for the part beginning with 'Require users to apply a label to their email and documents'.

@ChristianBergstrom Thanks for your reply. Yes that is the plane. But organisation have a lot of historical documented they dont want to run UL scanner because.

They have three types of documents

Public - external access

Internal - Internal staff only

Confidential - Cannot share external at all and limited access internal staff


So they dont want to classified all there historical document with Internal, but as far as I know with new scanner you can apply labels based on recommended conditions. AIP customers can now choose to implement service side only auto-labeling. Any idea?

@pradeepg290 Hey! A community friend is an expert in the topic, let's see if he can provide some guidance for you. @PeterRising would you mind stepping in? :)



Hi, if i am understanding your requirement correctly, I have achieved what you are looking to do for some of my customers as follows.


Transport Rules in Exchange Online can be used in conjunction with AIP Sensitivity labels.  This is achieved by referring to a unique label GUID which can be found at the bottom of the label properties screen as shown below;


Picture 1.png


The GUID can then be applied into an Exchange Online transport rule as per the below example which prevents content with an internal label selected from being sent to an external recipient;


Picture 2.png


Is this the sort of thing you are looking for?



Thanks Peter very much appreciate your suggestion .  What I m looking is , stop staff sending emails if the attachment is not classified.

so idea is staff must classified attachments before they email, otherwise staff cannot send attachment. 




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Not had the chance to test myself yet, but this article looks to have a lot of options which are close to what you are looking for, and you may be able to tweak this to your needs -