Microsoft Defender for Cloud expands SQL protection to open-source relational databases

Published May 25 2021 11:19 AM 3,413 Views

We recently announced the general availability of Microsoft Defender for SQL to protect SQL Servers in Azure, on premises, and in multi-cloud deployments on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Today we are happy to announce we are expanding Microsoft Defender for Cloud’s SQL protection to open-source relational databases. Microsoft Defender for open-source relational databases is now generally available for use with Azure Databases for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB single servers. 

Attackers often laterally traverse within organizations to discover and exfiltrate data, wherever it is stored, making open-source databases and SQL Server common targets. With Microsoft Defender for Cloud, you can now protect your SQL Servers, as well as your open-source databases, expanding and strengthening your protection across your entire SQL estate. We recommend you protect your production instances of SQL and open-source databases with Microsoft Defender for Cloud as part of your overall security strategy.


Protect your SQL estate with Microsoft Defender for Cloud today

Microsoft Defender for open-source relational databases constantly monitors your servers for security threats and detects anomalous database activities indicating potential threats to Azure Database for MySQL, PostgreSQL and MariaDB. Some examples are:

  • Granular detection of brute force attacks
    • Microsoft Defender for open-source relational databases provides detailed information on attempted and successful brute force attacks. This lets you investigate and respond with a more complete understanding of the nature and status of the attack on your environment.
  • Behavioral alerts detection
    • Microsoft Defender for open-source relational databases alerts you to suspicious and unexpected behaviors on your servers, such as changes in the access pattern to your database.
  • Threat intelligence-based detection
    • Defender for open-source relational databases alerts leverages Microsoft’s threat intelligence and vast knowledge base to surface threat alerts so you can act against them.




Microsoft Defender for Open-Source Databases is just one component of the Microsoft Defender for Cloud stack, which also protects SQL Servers, virtual machines, storage, and containers. In addition, you will benefit from centralized management for security, integration with Defender for Cloud's Secure Score, and native integration with Microsoft Sentinel.


Get started today!

Protect your Azure open-source databases today and expand your organization’s protection. To learn more, visit our documentation page. To learn more about Microsoft Defender for Cloud visit our website. Follow us at @MSFTSecurity for the latest news and updates on cybersecurity.


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