MCAS - Outdated Browser and Outdated Operating System does anyone know the details for this?


I would like to be able to supply the customer with the current information or a link to the information of what is listed as Outdated Browser and Outdated Operating System so they are aware for support and on-boarding purposes.


I've seem a similar post:

which asks the same question but it isn't answered there and I am unable to find this information. 

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@Chris Johnston In general it's based on the version number.  (2 versions back)  Since this has come up a couple times, I will see if we can get this documented.  Thanks for the feedback!

@BrandonLawsongreat stuff thanks !

It's a great feature as we don't have to maintain the versions ourselves - I just know I'll get asked the question as to how its determined so documentation would be really helpful.  

Thanks Brandon. Did this ever get documented please as we're getting endless alerts from Defender for Cloud Apps regarding people using outdated browsers, but they show me what they're using and barring some minor point updates they're using the modern versions of Edge and Chrome. We'd like to get to the bottom of it as it's frustrating and concerning users when they get the notification.
@BrandonLawson I have had a support ticket open with Microsoft since Aug 2021 and it's going nowhere. Please release documentation so that we don't have to waste our time.
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