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We are seeing a huge amount of our data going to Fastly. I believe fastly is a web content services that has other company apps running on top. Is their a way to know what apps are being used when our users are using app in the fastly cloud?

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Hi Mekki,

We are in the process of researching such cases of cloud services that are hosting other apps.
We will use Fastly as another test case to improve the results of our research. Could you share what FW appliance do you use for Shadow IT Discovery?

I'll be happy to update you as we progress with this effort.


HI Danny

I sent you a message. Also we believe that AWS may fall into this categorie. We use kiteworks and it seems that it is also obfuscated by a cloud service, in this case AWS
Do Microsoft use Fastly as one of their CDN providers? We too are seeing high data throughput being flagged by Cloud App Security as going through Fastly.