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Is there a way to export the cloud app catalog?  My firm desires we go with a 'deny by default' model for SAAS applications.  The intent would be to examine the discovered apps, sanction the most commonly used, and then use this as the basis of a white list, while black listing other SaaS applications using the cloud app catalog as the best source of SaaS we have.  As far as I can see, the exportation abilities are only for discovered apps.

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Exporting the entire catalog is not allowed, but you should not need it.  Instead, just create a discovery policy for any apps that are not tagged as sanctioned or unsanctioned and use the governance action to auto-tag them as unsanctioned.  See below:




When you unsanction an application, regardless of whether it has been discovered or not, it will be producible in a block script. So, you could export the URL's for the entire catalog by unsanctioning them all. Of course, this will take a long time to do via the web interface.
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