API Access for Automation




I've built a Power Automate flow that reads alerts from MCAS/MDCA that reviews some of the data in the alert and then closes it as benign if the behaviour is expected. It's all working apart from one thing.


Currently it is using an API key I generated for the connection to MCAS so all the alerts are closed in my name, I'm looking for a way to generate an API key for a service principal so that people can see it was closed by automation. Does anyone know if this is possible??

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Yes I did, the issue seems to be with the way PowerAutomate Flows are made available in MDCA, the user that connects to MDCA in the Flow trigger has to be the same as the user who wants to be able to see the Playbook as an option in the MDCA console. Currently we are using a service account to write and connect the flows until I can get something else working.
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Thanks for pointing out this preview functionality. This would be the way to go for this scenario if it weren't for the Power Automate problem pointed out below. Other programmatic access to MDCA, besides Power Automate integration, can still move to this new and better approach.