Yammer performance drop after implementing Conditional Access App Control

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We implemented Conditional Access App Control for Yammer to avoid uploads of (strictly) confidential documents to the platform. 


When testing we notice a significant impact on performance for the web application. Some examples:


 Without CAACWith CAAC enabled
Open Yammer in a new browser session8-9 seconds25-30 seconds
Open Yammer in a second tab7 seconds15-20 seconds
Open a new channel3-4 seconds10-20 seconds


I know that some performance degradation would be expected as all traffic is routed through MCAS, but this feels like a lot of degradation.

If we present this to business, they will never use the web version and will only want to use the client apps, making it unable to block actions like uploading (strict) confidential documents. 


Are these numbers within the expected range?

Any one else experiencing this?


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@Dries Vandenhoeck hi, and thanks for the detailed message! Would be happy to work with you to understand why the load times you experience are as high as they are, and what we can do to reduce them. Can you email me at alex.esibov@microsoft.com, and we can discuss next steps for troubleshooting?