MS Cloud App Security vs. O365 Cloud App Security

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Hello everyone! I've found it simple to find and compare the differences between O365 Cloud App Security and Microsoft Cloud App Security (i.e. CASB), but fail to see why anyone would sign up for the O365 version, other than simplicity of integration, when the CASB version seems to do everything that it does and more, FOR ROUGHLY THE SAME PRICE e.g. around $3.50 pp pa.


It says in the MS CAS CASB documentation that it's included with the E5 version of EMS (Enterprise Mobility + Security), but that you can buy it as a stand-alone product as well. So why would you need to buy the O365 version??


Am I correct in this observation?

Can anyone offer any advice?

Thank you

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Hi Ooshti,

Thanks for the comment. To your question around why people buy Office 365 Cloud App Security, it is that they are usually beginning to move to the cloud and their first step is with Office 365. We also want an organization using Office 365 to have the tools to manage the service without buying a non-Office 365 product. This is why it is available as part of Office 365 E5 and as a standalone for other Office 365 SKUs. As an organization matures and adopts other cloud services, this is when we see interest in Microsoft Cloud App Security.

Thanks for this, AJ. So if an org already has O365 E3 for instance, and other SaaS apps, which most organisations do, am I correct in saying that the org would only need MS Cloud App Security (CASB), which they could purchase stand-alone or have included with EMS E5? i.e. no need to have the O365 CAS


Thanks again

Hi Ooshti,

If an organization owns Office 365 E3 and has other cloud services that they want to manage then they would likely want Microsoft Cloud App Security.