How To: Migrate A Microsoft Bookings Solution Between Tenants



TL;DR: Is it possible to create a Microsoft Bookings solution (couple of services, a few staff, notifications etc., all standard features) within my Microsoft Developer Program tenant, then transfer that somehow to a client's tenant?


I would ordinarily just develop the solution on my client's tenant but, whilst I am their Global Administrator, I don't have a Microsoft 365 license on their tenant so can't access the usual Microsoft Bookings website ( I've managed to create the mailbox, added staff and configured permissions using PowerShell but I've not found any cmdlets for configuring the services, notifications etc.


Of course I could ask them to buy me a license, but I have this developer tenant with a Microsoft 365 E5 Developer license, figured I should be able to develop the solution in there then 'copy/paste' it somewhere else. I don't need to use the solution, just create it.


Is this possible?


All help and advice appreciated.



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