SharePoint Calendar alternatives

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In SharePoint Online in the Modern experience, the concept of a SharePoint Calendar (that allows you to add custom flows and such) doesn't really exist as far as I can tell.  A group calendar doesn't really have the ability to add custom fields and forms.  Teams Calendar is just limited in a ton of ways.  Shifts doesn't really integrate with a SP page and doesn't really have a calendar view (as far as I can tell) and isn't really customizable.  Event calendar that you can add as an app has a terrible interface and is not accessible to customize.  


So, what to use, when you need custom forms and custom flows?  Are there third party apps?  Anyone figure this out?  MS, seriously.  You are missing some key functionality here.

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Hey Shawn,

I think what you're looking for is the newer "calendar" view type in a modern SPO list per release 70750:

If you create a new list view, you should see this new view type as an option.

Hmmm. That view is good, but for some reason, several of the key content type fields for event seem to be unavailable, such as recurrence, all day and workspace, essentially making the content type unusable. Is there another content type that should be used for a calendar? I need those columns. Or is it just our company that doesn't have access to those?