Outlook fails to start


I am getting the following errors when I attempt to open Outlook on 2 of my computers.  It still works on my Surface Pro 3. I have uninstalled Office 365 and my data files at least 5 times. I reboot the computers before installing Office.  I have tried to open Outlook in safe mode and it will not open.  On the day this started, the only thing I did was to change my service provider.  My resources are not low, as I have 16GB on one computer and 12GB on the other computer.  I do not understand why it claims my resources are low when I am using only about 40% of memory and about 10% of the CPU.


Outlook Error 3.jpg

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Run SARA tool and configure profile with the help of that.


If issue continues run OFFCAT and check for the issues.



Office365 Expert