Outlook Attachment Printing

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New to this community so not sure if this is the right thread to use.


Have a new WIN10 PC with a clean install of Office 365. Outlook is setup with an O365 email account. Printing works normally thru all apps/installs with the exception of printing an email attachment. When I open an attachment and choose to print it the first printer in the list appears; not the default printer. In fact the default printer doesn't even show as an option. I can open the email and print it normally but the error happens when I try to print the included attachment. The type of attachment doesn't appear to be the issue; i.e. word, excel, pdf, etc. I have done quick and full Office repairs, changed default printer, restored to let Windows manage my printers and the returned to choosing my own default, tried multiple different emails always with the same result. I plan on doing a complete manual Office uninstall this weekend followed by a reinstall but hoping someone has an answer before then. Again this only seems to affect Printing an attachment; all other printing is normal.

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