New blog post: New tenant-wide policy for idle session timeout for Microsoft 365 web apps

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In a recent blog post, @Namit Gupta shared news announcing idle session timeout for Microsoft 365 web apps - a new tenant-wide timeout policy that automatically signs out users after a period of inactivity. This improves security for users and organizations and prevents exposing sensitive data from unauthorized access. 


Check out the blog post and share your thoughts below!


If you have a question or feedback about the new policy, make sure to leave your comment in the blog's comment section so the author and product team can see it. 


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What if someone put you in an organization without consent the whole office including personal devices how do you get out @Meenah_Khosraw 



I'm tagging the blog's author @Namit Gupta here so he can help answer your question or point you in the right direction for assistance. 



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@Brandy2005 Just so I understand correctly, is your question around whether individual users have an option to turn off idle session timeout? If yes, then we don't provide users to override the tenant-level policy. Although, if the user is coming from a personal device and selects 'Stay signed in?' option at the time of sign in, idle session timeout won't be triggered for that session. Hope that helps!