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I seriously need help.


Iam an administrator of 365 Microsoft home account which is an organization account. The subscription expired last week and I bought a product key to renew my subscription. Apparently, I managed to insert the key but then asked me to sign in to activate the products like word, power point etc. 

It was at this point that I realized I couldn't remember the password and the phone I used for password recovery I stopped using it almost a year ago. So I do not have access to it and I didn't used my email in case I needed to change the pass word.


I chose the option which says something like ''I don't have all these.'' and this took me to a place were I was asked a number of questions e.g. former passwords, email addresses of people I recently sent emails to etc. I tried to remember a few things but when I sent to Microsoft, the reply was that the information was not enough. The truth of the matter is I can't remember more than I submitted the last times I tried.

I tried several times unto the signing in was blocked. I even tried the online form to no avail.


What should i do? I badly need that account. Please help!


Secondly, if I create another Microsoft account, is it going to affect my documents and file in my outlook and gmail accounts associated with this account? Please help me.

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