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Hi guys, 

not sure how to correctly start this right here, so here it goes. 

We're using Microsoft teams as a means of communication for all our employees. 
We work in a train operation centre, so shift work and a lot of co-workers. 
Teams is an excellent place to communicate short term news or key issues to all our employees. 
However, this does add up to a lot of posts at the end of each quarter year. 
Deleting posts is an incredibly tiresome job, given the fact that you have to delete every single post and every single comment individually. 
How can this not have been changed yet, it would be so much more easy to add options to for admin to these posts channels. For instance: 

- checking multiple posts (including answers) in order to delete multiple posts at once. 

- add the option to include date and time to a post, to make it automatically delete once that time past. 

- Add the option for admin users to turn the replies on and off for each individual post. 


Just some comments, because unfortunately all the focus for TEAMS seems to be on the remote working construct and less on it's user interface. 

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Teams does support retention policies, which address most of your requirements:
Some of the other points are best added to the Feedback portal:
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