Failure to display the excel template in OneNote App

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This morning I reached out to OneNote's online customer service. The whole process took around 4 hours, issues are still unsolved.

May I know how to address the issue if all the excels I created in the OneNote are currently displaying a red "X"(please refer to the attached picture)? 

We have tried some methods to solve the issue, including reinstalling the app, re-login the app, and restarting the iPad, but all the excel in the OneNote app presents an "X."

Besides, I've also tried the instructions on the webpage called Reset Microsoft OneNote between users on a shared iPad or iPhone but the same issue occurs.

This problem only arises in the OneNote app; if I open the OneNote through my computer or, the excel can be displayed.

Thanks a lot.









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We currently have a large number of students who can't see embedded images in their OneNote books, it has only started happening this week and only on iOS devices.
We've used OneNote extensively for years without issue, I suspect it's related to your issue.


Yes, I think the issues are the same. 

Today seems to have a slight improvement. The embedded photo in the OneNote for Windows can appear on iOS devices.