Microsoft Graph community call – June 2021

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This month's community call features presentations on Assignment Graph API (v1.0 will be released to Microsoft Teams EDU tenants within days), Dev Tips and Tricks with Microsoft Graph (save coding time with 2 VS Code Extensions), and Microsoft Graph Data Connect (extracting information at scale from Microsoft Graph).  Q&A throughout call in chat.  Microsoft Graph session recordings from Microsoft Build Conference are now available on demand.  The call was hosted by Brian T. Jackett (Microsoft) | @BrianTJackett.  Microsoft Presenters were Leif Brenne, Mei Tan and Nik Charlebois. Guest presenter Elio Struyf (Squarl).   This session was recorded on June 1, 2021.



Assignments API – specifically the Assignment Graph API v1.0 will be released in Microsoft Teams EDU tenants within days.  The APIs align to an instructor’s workflows around assignments – create, append resources, track submissions, grade and post results back to students.   Try out the APIs in the Graph Explorer tool.   Think of a Team as a Class, and assignments are the class activities/coursework.     


Dev Tips and Tricks with Microsoft Graph - Save time with 2 VS Code Extensions 1) MS Graph Completion (autocompletion for Microsoft Graph URLs)  and 2) Microsoft Graph Essentials (Preview) (CSS Completion and HTML web component attributes, if using MGT) inside Visual Studio Code.  Extensions created by presenter are available in Marketplace.  Microsoft Graph Essentials extension comes with snippets, code completion for CSS variables, and an extension pack. 


Microsoft Graph Data Connect - is about extracting information at scale from Microsoft Graph.  Starting with an architecture overview – learn about creating an Azure Data Factory, Azure storage account, and establishing the data pipeline connection between the Microsoft 365 dataset and storage account.  Once the pipeline is setup, define source and sink, trigger the sync and use Power BI to display data insights.      







From demos:



  • Assignments API  - Leif Brenne (Microsoft) | @secondleif and Mei Tan (Microsoft) – 1:10
  • Dev Tips and Tricks with Microsoft Graph - Elio Struyf (Squarl) | @eliostruyf 22:44
  • Microsoft Graph Data Connect - Nik Charlebois (Microsoft) | @NikCharlebois – 33:20


Microsoft Build 2021 - Microsoft Graph session recordings





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Three new ways to enrich your productivity apps with Microsoft Graph tools and data
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Getting started with Microsoft Graph Data Connect

OD500 Build secure B2C applications​ with Azure AD External Identities
OD531 Enlighten your Windows app with Microsoft Graph
OD534 Integrate with Microsoft Teams data using Microsoft Graph
STUDIO10 Build, integrate and accelerate Multi-cloud Compliance
CON061 Develop apps with the Microsoft Graph Toolkit


Application Authentication in the Microsoft Identity platform

CON066 Integrate your app with Microsoft Teams using webhooks and connectors
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