Understanding the different reports in MDE

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Hello, I'm new to working in Microsoft Defender and Endpoint and trying to understand some of the reports. 

If I navigate to Reports - Microsoft 365 security and click on the predefined "Security report" my main questions are under the "Devices" section. 

When I was looking I saw that the report said "Devices with Active Malware" had 1 device with 1 active malware. 


But then there is also a part that says "Malware on devices" and there were like 21 line items



However, I can't find any more information about the 21 malware items. They don't tell me the device name. I'm just confused as to what this is. 

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You can also view the active malware report for more details.
1) Sign in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.
2) Select Endpoint security > Antivirus > Windows 10 active malware tab.