Introducing PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams

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PowerPoint Live transforms your presenting experience - only in Microsoft Teams 

PowerPoint is used around the world to share compelling stories—from personal to professional. As the world shifted to working remotely, we all faced new challenges presenting without a live audience. Reading the room, seeing people’s expressions, and natural interactions all became more difficult to do from behind a screen.  


We created an entirely new remote presenting experience with PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams. This exclusive and unique experience benefits both presenters and audience members, offering the rich presenting capabilities of PowerPoint and the collaboration of Microsoft Teams. 


Discover PowerPoint Live in the new Share content experience in Microsoft Teams meetings

To get started, simply launch a Teams meeting. Then, instead of opening a PowerPoint deck and sharing your screen, unlock the benefits of PowerPoint Live by picking a file under the PowerPoint Live section of the new and improved Share content in Teams. (Note: this new and improved Share content experience is coming soon).

Share content in Microsoft Teams meetingsShare content in Microsoft Teams meetings

Present with confidence on your own or as a team 

When presenting, being able to share your content is just one of your needs. To be successful, you want to be able to “read the room” while presenting so you can not only deliver your content but also adapt based on the reactions and body language of the audience. With PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams, you see everything that is happening in one place, while also being able to see what’s ahead to make transitions seamless.  


  • Presenter view gives you all the tools to present confidently With PowerPoint Live, you have full control over your content. The view you see as the presenter is yours only – review notes, engage in chats, and see your audience – all in one panel view. This private view allows the presenter to see everything in one place while the audience sees only the active slide. For example, view a slide, and next to it your slide notes—so your talking points are never far away. Using the thumbnail strip, you can see what slides are coming next and jump to one. The Grid view enables you to easily find your place in a large presentation.  

Open chat PV_Final.gif


  • Seamless transition between presenters - If you have co-presenters, they can seamlessly “Take control” and instantly get access to the Presenter View as well. Control can also be easily shared between any number of presenters, so no more fumbling during the presentation to give control to someone else, or worse, asking someone to move to the next slide for you.

Take control - toolbar bottom.gif


  • The new Presenter mode helps you feel like you’re in the room together  Presenter mode is the latest innovation in Microsoft Teams that empowers you to customize how your video feed and content appear to the audience. Seeing the speaker can reduce the cognitive overload for your audience since they can read your non-verbal cues and stay more focused with you as their visual guide. Presenter mode is a great companion to PowerPoint Live in Teams that makes your presentation immersive and engaging. This will begin to roll out to customers soon, and you can learn more about the options here


PowerPoint Live in Teams enables inclusive and engaging experiences for your audience  

It’s just as important for audiences to feel engaged and included during a presentation. Often, people in the audience have different needs – some want to be able to see what’s ahead, while others need to refer to the previous slides or change the view to high contrast view so they can see better. With PowerPoint Live in Teams, we want to ensure that you have the right tools to interact, engage, and follow along in a way that fits your needs.  


  • Interactive presentations help to engage your audience - PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams encourages attendees to interact with content like hyperlinks and videos. This redefines the way people engage with presentations. It not only helps keep viewers’ attention, but also allows attendees to consume the content at their own pace. 


  • Also, with the latest Live Reactions in Microsoft Teams meetings, all attendees can use emojis to share reactions to the presentation in real time. These reactions help promote inclusivity in the meeting while keeping the tone upbeat and interactive. 

Reactions in Presenter View Teams.gif


  • High fidelity viewing experience tailored to match your audience needs - Whether they join via a mobile phone or 8k monitor, each attendee experiences the presentation optimized for their screen type. The text and graphics are crisp, animations and transitions are smooth—all while using significantly less bandwidth than typically needed in screen sharing. So, even participants with poor network connections can still enjoy the presentation. Using less bandwidth also allows participants to turn on videos and see each other, which is especially important while working remotely. 

SideBySide_814 (now 422).gif


  • Accessible content enables better comprehension for your audience - PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams allows attendees to access the shared content through screen readers. Additionally, a high-contrast mode for all content is available to each participant to choose privately on their device. This high-contrast mode within PowerPoint Live is coming soon.

High contrast audience with grid view_Final.gif


PowerPoint Live takes presenting in Microsoft Teams to a new level of professionalism, personalization, and inclusivity. It brings together the creative capabilities of PowerPoint and collaboration features of Teams meetings, to deliver an unparalleled remote presentation experience that’s engaging for both presenters and attendees. 


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Occasional Contributor

Will this be available to presenters in a Teams Live Event as opposed to a Teams Meeting?

Super Contributor

Looks nice!  Will embedded video or YouTube or other video service videos be viewable by attendees?  Think Surface Hub, MTR, auditorium viewers who may not be able to click on a video link.  Will this be available in Teams Live Events?

Super Contributor

Also, will this work through legacy codecs connected via video interop services like Poly RealConnect for Office 365?

Occasional Contributor

All theses bells and whistles will remmain utterly useless if we cannot get a laser pointer to point the audience to specific details of the presentation. It is absolutely necessary when dealing with techincal presentations to discuss parts of a drawing, etc.. Unfortunately, nothing like this is mentioned and I see no new icon which would suggest this highly requested feature (which is in Uservoice since 2018!) is coming to the live presentations.

So I guess, we will have to continue to share screen instead... 


Occasional Visitor

Is PowerPoint Live in Teams available now, or is it dependent on the new share content functionality called out above? The Ignite announcement said it was available now, but I am not seeing it in my tenant and the information above makes it seem like there is a dependency that has yet to roll out.

Senior Member

I've got the same question as jedelen - not seeing the PowerPoint Live in Teams as of now. Is it a phased rollout, and if so, when is it scheduled to be completed by?  



New Contributor

I also do not see the new experience, which the Message Center says was rolled out in January?


Senior Member

@Michael_D and @rrusten I was looking as well and then I saw at the top of this article the following. 


"Discover PowerPoint Live in the new Share content experience in Microsoft Teams meetings

To get started, simply launch a Teams meeting. Then, instead of opening a PowerPoint deck and sharing your screen, unlock the benefits of PowerPoint Live by picking a file under the PowerPoint Live section of the new and improved Share content in Teams. (Note: this new and improved Share content experience is coming soon)."


So assume we need to wait a bit longer... :(



I did a demo of this for my company today and recorded the demo. The recording captured only my webcam video, not the slides I was presenting. Not good! Did I do something wrong, or does the recording just not work that way? Wouldn't everyone want the recording to capture what the audience was seeing?

Occasional Visitor

¿Cuándo estará disponible la opción desde Teams?

Senior Member

Do you have to setup or configure anything in the admin of teams for it to work?

New Contributor

I noticed the same thing @David Schrag last week in our tenant. The recording was started by the presenter and showed the presenter's view. I just tested this and the recording is only showing the attendee view today. 

Occasional Visitor

this feature is great, but it's quit annoying for not allowing keyboard/clicker to control the PPT, only only the mouse to click to go last/next page.

New Contributor

Thanks for those improvements - when they become live eventually.


What about provisioning for BSL /ASL language translators - when you will integrate a stream for Sign language translator to help colleagues with disabilities?


Best :sad:

Occasional Contributor

The new Microsoft Teams 2021 for the next decade is technically impressive with many useful features starting with a new PowerPoint Live.  Keep moving forward with simple innovation to increase productivity and fun.  Your product development and strategic decision should be based on what is best for users and customers. Kudo. Charles Q. Tran

Frequent Contributor

When will you include the presenter tool in presentater view. We need lasor point and pen to hightlight and mark when present. Thank you very much

New Contributor

Is there a reason why I still wouldn't have this when every other user in my tenant I have spoken to does?  I have grid view but that's it.

Occasional Visitor



When so i got into the developers view and saw these features. But unfortunately I cannot find "presenter mode".New Teams Powerpoint Live.png 

Frequent Contributor

When will MSFT really focus on critical features? We need the laser pointer and pen to draw the attention from audience. This is critical. Please expedite. 

New Contributor

If you have a MS Stream video in power point presentation, it will not work since it will ask to login to Stream, but when you try to do so, you never get a login screen. This needs to be fixed.

Frequent Visitor

Does this work when using VDI under a Citrix HDX Optimised session?


Occasional Visitor

We experience a problem concerning videos in PPT. The videos won't play for those attending via mobile. Any solution?

Senior Member

Hi everyone, thought I would share our experience with getting access to these features - our tenant has just started receiving the updates, but it appears they will not all come at the same time.  At the moment we have the updated Sharing Screen experience that switches from the bar at the base of the meeting to a pop out on the top right hand side.  This update includes the PowerPoint Live option. 

However, we do not have any updates to the video displays - they still show at the base of the meeting and we also do not have Presenter Mode yet.


Hopefully these updates will follow soon now that the Share Screen experience is updated. 

New Contributor

Great stuff!

Some feedback:

  • when picking a slide deck I have used before, I get a warning that the presentation is already present and an option to upload/replace. However I do not see an option to select this already present presentation and continue using it.
  • in Adobe Connect (which has a similar feature) I could automatically get a table of contents for a recorded presentation, based on the slides being presented, allowing viewers to jump to the point with a specific slide. That would be a great extra!
Regular Visitor

Really looking forward to the new Presenter modes.  Just got PP Live, which is good, but not the most critical for a shared "in-room" feeling.  I am still sharing my screen and displaying video feeds on half of screen and PP on other half to achieve the feel. Can't wait until I can do this properly in the app.  Also support the need for a laser pointer and my other wish list item is for a good polling feature.  

Super Contributor

This is hitting our tenant now.  Pretty nice.  Definitely needs a laser pointer.  Also, when will this be available in Live Events?


Super Contributor

I noticed my presence isn't changing to DND when I am presenting in PowerPoint Live.  Is that by design or should we report it as a bug?


Are Microsoft planning PowerPoint Live support in CVI?

Regular Visitor

The new features are great.  Glad to have them. 

One annoying issue with the Large Gallery view of participants is that it does not stack vertically to the side.  Instead, if you resize the Teams window to a narrower window the gallery stays horizontally arranged and just gets smaller.  The boxes should adjust with whatever resizing you do to arrange and display video feeds as big as possible.



is there any command to disable the gridview in teams for powerpoint live globally?


@aneoanou attn.

Occasional Visitor

I'm able to use Powerpoint live, but for some users the PPT file doesn't load.  We don't use onedrive, so this is being with local PPT files.  Is there any policy or setting on the admin side we need enable, so user can upload files?

Occasional Visitor

Am I doing something wrong?

I show my PPT then want to share my screen to navigate through the websites.

How do I then go back to my PPT without having to upload/replace again and find what slide I was up to? 

Occasional Visitor



How can I find a magnifying glass in Microsoft teams PowerPoint live during my presentation?

Regular Visitor

I love the PowerPoint Live add in.  I have had two significant issues with it - and am curious if anyone has any fixes. 

  1. I gave a presentation yesterday and we recorded it.  The recording worked and included the slide deck - but it did not record any of the animations (so it was just the raw slide with everything all on top of each other and unreadable).  This really makes the recording useless
  2. I tend to make more complicated animations in my PP slide decks.  I use animations, timing and video.  Most of it works in the live presentation - but there are some features and things that just do not work.  Is there a fix, workaround or future solution coming that will not limit PowerPoint when using Live?

Thanks for the help and support.


Occasional Contributor

Finally seeing this in the Teams for Education environment. It is not working well with dual monitors or appearing as above. Is there updated doc on how this is working today?


I would like to know how the queue for PowerPoint Live in Teams works. Where is Teams/PowerPoint Live pulling the data for the queue that auto-populates within Teams?

I support a recent event and the main issue during that event was quickly finding the files to share within that queue. Only recent and most open PowerPoint seems to appear and all new or rarely used PowerPoint could only be shared by clicking PowerPoint live and then selecting browse my computer.


How do you clear that queue?

Is there a cache to clear?

I am unable to find anything published online that answers these questions.

Thank You.


Is there any known issues with PowerPoint Live and Surface Hubs?

My entire site of approx. 30-40 Surface hubs will not display presentations shared within Teams using the PowerPoint Live feature.

Occasional Visitor

We are having the same issue in the company I work for. We have several hubs connected as local admin and they see Power point live but we have others that are connected through Azure directory and they don't see Power Point Live. Any ideas?

New Contributor

Hi, I have the same issue as dkrancer. We often record Teams Meetings and some we will play an animation that we have embedded into the PowerPoint. The animation does not play :(, no audio. Very disappointing as this could be really useful.

Occasional Visitor

I like this view a lot because I have total control of my computer and the attendees cannot see what I am doing.  Otherwise if I share the PPT in a screen, it takes up both my monitors and I had to click back and forth to see the chat.  Also couldn't do anything else on the computer without risking it being seen on the screen I was sharing.  


What I would like to see/ask:

1)  I show my PPT and then do live demo in our application.  Then back to PPT, etc.  It is easy to switch from the PPT to a Screen or Window share.  however, when I want to go back to the PPT, I have to stop sharing and then select my PPT again in the Share Content menu.  Is there a better way to do this?

2)  When I do return to my PPT it does ask me if I want to resume where I left off. It actually jumps on the screen a second after it shows up.  Then it is across the bottom of the ppt and not noticeable.  It is very easy to accidentally click off of it and then it goes to beginning of the deck.  Is there a way to make this a popup window in the center of the screen?

3) There is a pen, highlighter and eraser option but not a Zoom in feature like you get in PPT Presenter View.  I see others have noticed no laser either. 

4) Also we use Sharepoint to store our documents.  When I go to pull them up in Teams PPT Live, it only pulls from my OneDrive.  That is an issue because then I always have to save a copy to my One Drive in order to see any changes or updates anyone on my team may have made.  Seems like it would be easy to find the document from SP since Teams, SP and OneDrive area all connected. 


Thank you!!

Regular Visitor

This is absolutely ridiculous that I am unable to embed a Microsoft Stream video in a PowerPoint Live presentation whereas YouTube and Vimeo work just fine.  I am logged into my Microsoft 365 account 100%.  When presenting the PP, I am being asked to log in to MS Stream.  Clicking on the link directs me to a blank page and nothing happens unless you keep staring at the white page and get a headache.


Trying to promote MS Stream as the chosen Streaming platform amongst staff and students is not being helped by this kind of issue.





@sigmosh I guess this might be a bad time to tell you that Microsoft Stream (classic) is deprecated.  You shouldn't be pushing it.  Videos stored in SharePoint/OneDrive is the future.

New Contributor

I've noticed that you cannot enable computer sound when using PowerPoint Live or at least you toggle the computer sound on but the audience cannot hear it. Am I missing a trick? Doing something daft? 

We typically want to embed a media file into PowerPoint that file will include audio. I've noticed that when you embed the media not all of the audience will see it clearly for some it buffers. Is this because tools such as Vimeo provide better file compression? I can see the potential of Powerpoint Live but so far it is not a frictionless experience. Any tips out there gratefully received.

Occasional Visitor

I can`t see the cursor in recordings. Its fine while presenting live, but it should be included in the recording as wel!

We use Teams for webinars, and the recordings will be shared afterwards. Often there is screenshoot with important information that needs to be shown in Powerpoint and we need to show details in these with mouse or cursor of some sorts. 

All the other feature of Live PowerPoint is super, but if we can`t get the cursors in recordings we can`t use it :( 

Occasional Contributor

Entire blocks of text and icons are missing from our presentations because PowerPoint Live mode doesn't display some of the fonts in the presentation, even though they're embedded in the file. If we can't be confident of the fidelity of our presentations, then we will not trust presenting through this Teams mode and simply continue to have a single presenter share their screen.


Also, it's not possible to control or mute the volume of the presentations from this mode, which is a big problem. 

Occasional Visitor

When presenting with PowerPoint Live, any links that are on slides are no longer usable by those viewing the slides on their devices. The option states on the student device that "You can open links and play media on the slide". Media works fine but links are not. I can work around this by inserting an image and hyperlinking the image, but this seems like a silly workaround to me when I should just be able to use a link. 



Occasional Visitor

I think the Powerpoint Live mode is great addition.  However embedded or external videos (YouTube) do not play on Android tablets (both audio and video) in this mode.  They do play when sharing a Window.  Is this a known problem?

Regular Visitor

I can't find Live powerpoint and white board function in Microsoft Teams when using share content.

Apprecciate your guidance. Thanks very much. 

Regular Visitor

@huyen137  I think the issue may be that you get to PowerPoint Live and Whiteboard as the initial selection of what you want to share.  You do not open them as you are sharing a screen or window.  What I mean is that if you want to present a PowerPoint Live - when you go to initiate the share, you do not select a screen or window... instead - if you look down you will see Microsoft Whiteboard and then lower you will see PowerPoint Live.  If you have recently opened the PowerPoint, it may be listed in the files under PowerPoint Live.  If so, select it and you are off and running.  If not, then select the Browse OneDrive or my computer to find the file and select it.  If you select Microsoft Whiteboard - it will open the whiteboard associated to the meeting you are in.  If you want to share a different one, you will need to share your screen and then open that other whiteboard to share it.


I hope this helps!

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