Microsoft Teams 5-year milestone and hybrid work

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It's hard to believe it's been five years since Microsoft Teams was introduced to the world! The product team recently shared in this blog post, "Today, more than 270 million people rely on Teams for hybrid work." Wow! 


I've had the pleasure of using Microsoft Teams daily in my job since its release, but it has become an even more vital tool to keep my team and I connected and work efficiently over these last couple of years. 


With this exciting milestone, we want to know - how has Microsoft Teams helped your organization meet hybrid expectations? What is your favorite or most valuable feature? Let us know in the comments below! 

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@Meenah_Khosraw I think Microsoft Teams has made virtual meeting easier within organization without type in passcode? My favorite feature would be create my Team that allow my team to collaborate closely via chat and share information require within the team under files without emails flying around. Last not to forget, screen sharing feature is my all time favorite to share my view with my team :) 

@Meenah_Khosraw wow five years! It seems as though Microsoft is always one step ahead. We would not have survived the pandemic without Microsoft 365; SharePoint and Teams.
My least favourite feature is how hard it can be to jump in and out of different company Team sites (like mine and then Microsoft etc.)
My most favourite feature lately is that you can make certain channels private, also the telephone feature sounds good, but I have not been able to activate that yet.

I definitely agree. Having the ability to chat with your Team in one easy-to-find place is great, but also protected file-sharing without creating various email threads to keep track of is invaluable!

Making certain channels private is definitely a useful feature! Another layer of security/protection for peace of mind. It's been great to see how Teams has evolved over these last five years. I can't wait to see what other features they come up with!

I really like the Clippy sticker pack!

Teams has been an essential part of my job nearly since it launched. Our team is almost entirely remote and so we rely on Teams to collaborate, share documents and files, have meetings, etc. I really enjoy the shared documents and use some of them daily like updating our point of contact list.